Character Background Concepts

The Immortal Warrior

Perhaps because full-scale battles are so destructive, overt war has become less frequent. Which is not to say that violent conflict is less common.

Soldiers who have survived battle… or more often not survived… inhabit new bodies, and ensure the availability and quality of those Vessels through service to the Wizards. Some have many decades of fighting experience embedded in their young and powerful Vessels. Some follow a military code of honor of some type or another; others do not. Most of these “immortal warriors” fight the low-level wars and scrables for power between competing groups of Rationalizer elites. Some fight for other causes; they join up with cults; with “freedom fighters”; with terrorists.

The immortal warriors use weapons and Vessels given to them by their masters. Or they use what they find; an unarmed 80 year old fighter in a healthy Vessel may be far more deadly than a strapping young noble born with shining bright armor. Typically heavy armor (like plate mail) is not allowed in the cities; wearing field armor may seem more out of place than walking naked down the street in many capitals. Heavy armor and war equipment are held in guarded armories and are generally not useful outside of war. Today’s warriors carry whatever dress is required by their faction and their mission. They carry magic missile weapons for ranged combat and magic amulets to offer more protection than mundane chain-mail could provide. Bladed weapons for close-quarter’s combat… and just to show off status… are common. Small blades, telescoping swords and “fold-out” sabers are common tools of the more discrete mercenary. Poison tiped blades, anti-magic field stabbers, and related counter-measures are common. What is not common are great-swords, battle-axes, and anything else deemed slow and crude.

In today’s world, there is always need for capable, experienced fighters who knows how to use magic tools and weapons to accomplish the goals of their superiors.

The Modern Magic User… Weave Crafter

Weave Crafters are masters of applied arcane magic. While Wizard’s seek to learn all they can about the hidden workings of the Weave and it’s bindings to the multiverse, Weave Crafters mostly focus their efforts on making magic “work”, reliably, in everyday life. They don’t seek out great secrets as much as they focus on building devices which allow themselves and others to use magic every day.

Originally Weave Crafters were simply Wizards. However, as the practices of the early Weave Crafters crossed the traditional definitions of Schools, they became a distinct form of spellcaster. They are not often adventurers, as most Weave Crafters make quite a living off of their craft . Those who do lead an adventurers life are known for using their devices to multiply their magical firepower.

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Character Background Concepts

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